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Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes."

—Carl Jung
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Retreat Center Mission

Working at Saratoga Springs

Working at Saratoga Springs is filled with delightful benefits like the setting, working amongst the trees and wildlife, enjoying meeting the thousands of people visiting the property every year as well as having the company of our terrific staff members.  There are many challenges for the motivated employee, too.  We have many opportunities for people to shine exercising their skills and talents in areas as diverse as marketing and gardening.    

Our Mission
Saratoga Springs Retreat Center nurtures personal and collective transformation, celebrates diverse communities, and sustains the natural beauty and resources of our land.


Please see our list of current job openings below and respond with your cover letter and resume to


The following positions are open until filled at Saratoga Springs. 

Facilities Coordinator Job Description

Position Summary

The Facilities Coordinator reports to the Operations Manager. Along with other facilities staff, this person ensures that the property is well maintained, that daily preventive maintenance is performed, that guest events are tended to and that the grounds are attractive and appealing to visitors. The Facilities Coordinator works with staff, vendors and volunteers to complete projects such as deck building, water systems upgrades, landscaping and other moderate to major improvements. This person also works closely with the Community and Events Director and other staff in supporting the logistical needs of group events. Clear and consistent communication is essential to the success of the position, as is joyful adaptation to the flexible, diverse flow of life at a retreat center.  This is a full-time position with variable work schedules depending on events. Weekend and evening shifts are part of the position. This position requires being onsite at Saratoga Springs for almost all working hours. This is an hourly position, with pay commensurate to experience.  

WE ARE: Committed to creating a vital, thriving and sustainable retreat center for our community and beyond.


  • someone who loves fixing things, preparing and maintaining space, and making improvements.  
  • flexible in accommodating a wide variety of tasks and are willing to turn your hand to any needs as they arise.
  • self-directed, have a passion for learning and personal development, and love teamwork.
    a key member of the team creating and holding this container of transformation for our guests.
  • chill and maintain a loving, positive presence, even in challenging situations.
    an open communicator with respect for the value and interconnectedness of our staff, guests, vendors and all our stakeholders.
  • enthusiastic for our shared mission.
  • naturally inclusive and kind: Saratoga Springs is a dynamic environment with events representing a diverse population. Your ability to be open and welcoming to this diversity will ensure your success. 

Job Responsibilities

The following are the expected duties and responsibilities:

  • Ensure daily maintenance of all buildings, equipment and systems including: pools; compost; recycling and trash removal; and, most critically, daily water tests and management of water pumping and storage.
  • Check and monitor water usage throughout the facility to minimize loss of water due to leakage or negligence.
  • Report defective or non-operating equipment, fixtures or other machinery to the Operations Manager immediately.
  • Work with management to effect changes to landscape and buildings, including new building projects.
  • Collaborate with Community and Events Director to set up facilities and resources for guests including audio and video equipment, lighting, seating, tables, etc.
  • Assist in group turnovers which may include last minute repairs, housekeeping, greeting and transporting guests, as well as other duties.
  • Ensure compliance with a fire safety plan for Saratoga Springs including escape routes, fire suppression equipment, fire extinguisher locations and a disaster recovery plan. Train staff and guests as needed.
  • Streamline and document procedures.
  • Assist groundsperson as needed, including watering.
  • Assist kitchen staff as necessary to ensure high standards of food production and cleanliness.
  • Respond to work orders as needed, balancing immediate facility needs with ongoing projects.
  • Communicate with management on status of facilities, projects, groups and maintenance issues. Update logs and records both manually and online.
  • Other duties as directed.


  • Minimum high school graduate

Required Skills and/or Experience

  • Capacity to work independently and collaborate extensively with team members
  • Ability to accomplish and report on multiple projects concurrently
  • Some experience with building maintenance and carpentry projects with willingness to learn
  •  Some experience in the hospitality industry
  • Friendly and personable with great customer relation skills
  • Good organizational and communication skills, both verbal and written
  • Valid driver’s license

Desired Skills

  • Experience serving the LGBTQ community, yoga and meditation communities, and/or other diverse retreat participants
  • Experience maintaining plumbing and electrical systems
  • Experience as a landscaper and/or gardener
  • Some experience with (or familiarity and willingness to learn) MS Office software including Word or compatible, Excel, Outlook and online documents
  • Bilingual in English and Spanish
  • Good knowledge of local plants and animal species

General Information

On site housing may be available for the right candidate, though employee housing is not a requirement for work at Saratoga Springs and is considered a benefit. There are many opportunities to engage with the wide variety of eclectic and fabulous groups coming to Saratoga Springs. In addition, spending time on the property can be a grounding and rewarding experience.   

Our team is committed to a tradition of providing transformational experiences to those who spend time at Saratoga Springs. As part of our team, this is a fantastic opportunity to grow your strengths and make your mark.

To Apply

If interested, please email a cover letter expressing how you might personally benefit from the position, how you would add value to Saratoga Springs and what goals you would like to achieve in your association here.  Also include a current resume (in Word or PDF format).


Saratoga Springs Community LLC is an Equal Opportunity Employer.  We value our employees and encourage innovation, creativity and a dedication to sustainability.