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There is a transcendent awareness, a Big Mind, A Big Heart, present and readily accessible to each and every one of us...

—Zen Master Genpo Roshi
Picture of Heart Lodge for meetings, yoga and more.
Retreat Center Mission

Wish List 

Saratoga Springs Retreat Center is always looking for opportunities to engage our community through contributions of needed items and even financial contributions.  Below is a list of our current needs.

Stay tuned for an updated list . . .

Financial Contributions

General Contributions

Saratoga Springs through our programming supports a variety of groups and encourages people to participate in our events regardless of their financial ability.   We welcome financial contributions to further expand the number of people served by Saratoga Springs and our many events.  Thank you for your generosity!

Global Faerie Gathering

If you prefer to contribute to the Global Faerie Gathering, an event planned for August 2014 at Saratoga Springs, please fill in the amount and click the button below.  Thank you!