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It's just the right combination of atmosphere, history, excellent food, modern facilities and a perfectly attuned staff (they're there if we need them, but always unobtrusive).

— Ogyen Dorje,
Board Member, AroGar

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Retreat Center Mission

The Interesting History of Saratoga Springs
Mineral Springs Resort
From facility brochure 1955

When the creator formed the earth, with all its hills, oceans and valleys, He must have had in mind a place for Mankind to rest and recuperate when He formed Saratoga Springs Mineral Springs in Northern California. During the 1800's three men all warned by their doctors that their lives would soon be over, came to this area to take up the "NATURAL" life living with Indians who gave them a marvelous new kind drinking water from secret springs.

After gaining the confidence of the Indians, the location of the springs finally became know to these men and thus the former invalids, now restored to vigorous health by the water and the marvelous climate for outdoor living, presented to California's population the opportunity to share in their joyous discovery.

That was the start of what is now a large and popular resort - a resort that believes in the freedom of the individual and their right to have a good time.

The Lawn

Bathing at Saratoga Springs