Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes.

—Carl Jung
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History of Saratoga Springs, Land, and Mineral Waters

Saratoga Springs was established as a resort in 1871, featuring several cold mineral springs. These springs leave large mineral deposits which enhance the beauty of the valley. The 260-acre facility which once accommodated up to 250 people, included a stagecoach stop, post office, restaurant and dance hall. An on-site bottling plant made it possible to drink the healing waters, as well as bathe in them.

Long before it became Saratoga Springs, the Pomo Indians used this hidden valley for peacemaking and healing. Today the valley still resonates with this energy, which enhances the experiences of all who come to Saratoga Springs.

Saratoga Springs Historical Photo

The valley ends in three box canyons, each with its own unique vegetation. The valley floor is home to 45 acres of large oak and walnut trees and meadows. On trails leading to views of Clearlake, Blue Lakes and the surrounding valleys, you may encounter rabbits, raccoons, quail, deer and many other animals. There are plateaus on the hills and mountains that lend themselves to ceremonies, meditation or just stargazing.

David Carroll purchased the property in 1991, bringing his own unique vision on restoring the facility to create a healing retreat. David is committed to making Saratoga Springs a safe place where you can follow your own path. Groups focused on nurturing the mind, body and soul have found a safe and supportive environment here.