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There is a transcendent awareness, a Big Mind, A Big Heart, present and readily accessible to each and every one of us...

—Zen Master Genpo Roshi

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Pride Of The River
From Raymond W. Hillman
Traveling Curator of History, March 1, 1993

I would like to address the historical significance of Saratoga Springs. It is my view that this 19th Century resort is the best-preserved small mineral springs resort of all I have studied in Northern California. At one time there were scores of such resorts and, though important, where overshadowed by the larger resorts and have not been given the attention they deserve.

Saratoga Springs has six batten and board cottages that are more than a century old and are important examples of the more modest accommodations these smaller resorts offered. These cottages have not been remodeled over the years and stand essentially they way they were built. Complimenting this resource is the series of springs on the mountains with an original springhouse.

Arrival at Saratoga Springs Resort
Saratoga Springs Hotel late 1800's

Other structures supporting the importance of Saratoga Springs are the spartan hunter's cabins and the largest building of the grounds, sometimes referred to as the "Dance Hall". Very rare on any resort is the presence of such a two story frame building with verandahs; they were once so common but this is one of the very last to survive.

Altogether, these buildings comprise resource to be preserved and I heartily support the careful preservation work that is currently being done and hope to see it continue.